• Nick Robins

Moving Away From the Conventional

For years standard smoothbore and convoluted hoses have been used in countless applications covering a wide span of industries. Many have been extremely successful and are still the go to choice today. As much as we love our standard hoses: Convo-Flow / Speed-Flow, today we’re going to discuss the more advance types of hoses we have available: Core-Flow and Smooth-Flow.

Core-Flow maintains a convoluted design; however the convolutions on this hose are much shallower offering improved flow rates and providing better drainability. Not only this but the hose is extremely flexible, and is fully resistant to kinking. With a reinforcing spiral helix as standard, Core-Flow can handle vacuums up to: 887mbar making this a fairly durable hose.

It’s seen success in several pharmaceutical environments and has recently become a popular option within the food manufacturing industry due to its easy clean design. Many of the fittings available with Core-Flow can be PTFE lined and we can turn around standard Core-Flow assemblies in just a couple of days. Make this your go to choice when you need mechanical strength and higher flow rates without having to sacrifice flexibility.

Smooth-Flow is one of our most popular hoses; it’s the flexible smoothbore in our product range and now covers most of the markets PTFE serves. Ideal for ultra-hygienic applications, it has full vacuum resistance, excellent flow rates and prevents turbulent flows. Smooth-Flow is about as flexible as a Smoothbore PTFE hose can get and certainly rivals the competition. Pharmaceutical companies are quickly making this their go to hose and it’s even becoming a popular option for the offshore industries due to its long service life and durable design.

With full vacuum resistance and a variety of braid options available Smooth-flow is capable of handling almost any situation and as with Core-Flow the majority of fittings that are compatible with the hose can be PTFE lined.

Both Smooth-Flow and Core-Flow PTFE Hoses are available in sizes ranging from ½”- 2”. In certain circumstances these designs can also be made in sizes 3” and 4”. Please contact our sales team if you would like further information on either of these hose designs, their typical usage or price and availability. Thank you for checking out our latest blog post, be sure to take a look at our Products page for details on our available range.

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