Why Choose Xtraflex PTFE Hose?

PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the most chemically resistant materials available. This enables PTFE hoses to succeed within a wide range of industries where more traditional metallic or rubber hoses may fail. Pair this with and excellent temperature range (-70°C to +260°C) and you end up with a very durable hose capable of withstanding some of the harshest environments.


The frictionless properties of PTFE allow improved flow rates when transporting viscous materials. This also contributes to an easy-clean design and essentially creates a 'non-stick' liner, ensuring left over product can self drain or be simply washed away.


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Other Benefits

PTFE is hydrophobic, the water absorption is negligible coming in at less than 0.1%. It also has excellent flex fatigue qualities which exceeds all other hose rivals. Vibrations and flexing movements can easily be withstood leading to longer service lives.

Additionally, it has an unlimited shelf life, it doesn't age and wont be affected by weather or normal storage conditions. The properties won't change enabling you to hold stock for longer periods of time if required.

Our PTFE conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 and is approved for both food and pharmaceutical use. Many of our hoses are created with this in mind and several offer ultimate flexibility without sacrificing flow rates, such as our flexible smoothbore: Smooth-Flow or the shallow convoluted Core-Flow hose.

What Makes Our Hoses Different?


At Xtraflex we manufacture our own PTFE Hoses. We have unique designs created with specific environments in mind and can cover almost any situation. Whether you need the ultimate performance when it comes to flexibility or a more cost-efficient hose, we can help achieve your design specifications.

Our specialist hoses come with vacuum resistance, kink resistance, high flow rates and excellent flexibility. The main ones to look for are highlighted on our Fluid Transfer page. These are the most popular hoses and are manufactured at our head office in Belgium then assembled in house at our UK site under stringent Quality standards.

A variety of braid options are also available. As standard all PTFE hoses are supplied with a stainless steel 304 braid, but other options include a polypropylene or PVDF (Kynar) braid, both of which generally offer higher levels of chemical resistance but with lower working temperatures and pressures (our product pages go into further details on each). The stainless braid also comes with further cover options if required such as EPDM rubber, for protection against abrasion, or Silicone for an easy clean hygienic cover.

Convoluted or smoothbore PTFE

​Our hoses fall into two main categories: Smoothbore PTFE and Convoluted PTFE.

Smoothbore hoses generally have higher working pressures and excellent flow rates. However, the flexibility is not as high as a convoluted hose. If you need a smooth design along with flexibility you should opt for the Smooth-Flow hose.

If it's very high pressures you need to work with, then our Super-Flow hose has a working pressure of 350 Bar in all available sizes (1/4" - 1"). And if it's just a standard smoothbore no frills hose you're looking for then select the Speed-flow hose, which is also available for self-assembly with our own ferrule range.

Convoluted hoses offer the ultimate flexibility. Our traditional convoluted PTFE hose (Convo-Flow) can go up to 6" ID and thanks to the PTFE core remains easy to clean with self-draining capabilities. If cleanability is a particular area of concern Choose the Core-Flow hose. The shallow convolutions prevent any leftover sediment from becoming trapped and the hose also has vacuum resistance as standard making it ideal for suction and discharge applications.

Finally if you're looking for a standard convoluted hose suitable for self-assembly select the Easy-Flow hose, generally available from stock.

PTFE Lined Fittings

It's possible to PTFE Line certain end fittings such as flanges or Tri-Clamps. This can be a major advantage when transporting harsh chemicals as the stainless material of the fitting will never come into contact with the media. This provides you with an excellent alternative to more expensive materials traditionally used such as Hastelloy. Not only this, but as the PTFE hose liner is tafted through the fitting; you gain a bug free, smooth finish which prevents any sediment build up and provides an uninterrupted flow.

Hose pressure ranges are more limited when a fitting is PTFE lined making this option more suited to lower pressure hygienic applications or applications where chemical resistance is an area to consider.

Fittings currently available for PTFE lining are: Flanges, Tri-clamps, camlocks, SMS fittings, DKD fittings, RJT's and BSPP flat seat fittings.