PTFE Hose Assembly
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A Leading PTFE Hose Manufacturer

Supplying premium and specialist PTFE hose assemblies to suit a wide array of applications, we are experts in our field offering solutions to cover almost any environment. 

Based in Barnsley, United Kingdom

Advanced Designs

Market leading development creates superior performance in a wide range of industries. 

Quality Focused

ISO 9001:2015 approved. We are committed to providing excellence and value.

Diverse Product Range

Smoothbore PTFE, Convoluted PTFE, high pressure hoses and more.

Smoothflow PTFE Hose assembly
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Specialists In Hose Assembly

Xtraflex was established in 2003 by a team of highly experienced individuals with over 30 years’ experience in the PTFE and hose industries.

As a leading PTFE hose manufacturer we design and manufacture our hoses in house to strict quality standards. This provides you with high quality hose assemblies from a comprehensive product range capable of withstanding the harshest environments.

Working closely with our customers we identify the exact requirements so that we can design and build the perfect solution. By Using a PTFE hose, the benefits associated with the material are significant. Expect excellent temperature ratings (-70°C / +260°C), pressure and vacuum ratings. Our hoses also have Easy-clean designs and excellent flexibility allowing them to cover a range of applications.

Xtraflex is one of the few companies who manufacture a highly flexible smoothbore hose. The Smooth-Flow PTFE hose is ideal for Pharmaceutical, Food and Biotech industries. Boasting high flow rates and full vacuum resistance; customers of these industries will not be disappointed.

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What we do

Xtraflex UK offer a complete bespoke assembly service for PTFE hoses and NBR food grade hoses; With full hose inspection, unique tagging and pressure testing prior to dispatch. PTFE Hose sizes range from 3/16" - 6" bore, incorporating a wide range of fittings. PTFE lined fittings are also available offering superior chemical resistance. Full 3.1 material certification can be provided on request prior to production.​

To further compliment our product range we also manufacture heated hoses utilizing a range of heating systems including: electrical trace heating and steam. We can provide specialist hoses for auto-sport, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, food industries, hydraulic industries and more.

Our general purpose PTFE hoses are also available for bulk supply along with the required ferrules enabling customers to keep stock of our hoses and assemble when required. Contact us today to discuss you requirements, we're happy to help with any information you may require and provide a quotation.