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Xtraflex NBR & PTFE Hose Product Range

Polytetrafluoroethylene, more commonly know as PTFE, is one of the strongest materials available when it comes to chemical resistance. This creates a solid foundation for flexible hoses providing unrivalled performance.


Our products fall into two categories: Smoothbore PTFE and convoluted PTFE. Both are suitable for a wide range of applications and markets including chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical and biotech.

We also design and manufacture flexible metallic hoses alongside NBR hoses, details of which can be found using the links below.

Process Hoses

Excellent Flow Rates | Ultra Hygienic | Vacuum Resistance

Process hoses are perfect for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotech industries. These hoses have excellent flow rates, vacuum resistance and easy clean designs.

They are available with a wide option of braids and covers including Stainless steel, Polypropylene and EPDM.

Several fittings can be PTFE Lined to offer ultimate chemical resistance and unrestricted flows.

Smooth Flow PTFE Hose
Recommended Hoses:
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Smooth Flow
Xtraflex Favicon.png
Core Flow
Xtraflex Favicon.png
Convo Flow

High Pressure Hoses

Reinforced | High pressure PTFE | Gas Quality

High pressure hoses are designed to handle the toughest environments. They are Capable of withstanding very high pressures with increased durability. The Super-Flow hose has a working pressure of 350 bar in all sizes making this our toughest hose and is used in a wide range of applications. 

Minimum diffusion rates are guaranteed thanks to the double sintered liner, making these an excellent choice for the transport of gases.

Recommended Hoses:
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Super Flow
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Speed Flow Gas

General Purpose Hoses

Easycrimp | Bulk Supply | Cost Effective

Our standard smoothbore and convoluted hoses. These offer excellent performance and are suitable for use throughout a wide range of industries. Very popular in hydraulic and automotive industries, the hoses have easy-crimp designs allowing self assembly without the need for any specialised equipment.

Most sizes are available from stock along with our range of FE ferrules. Hose compatible with hydraulic tails.

Speed Flow b-086.jpg
Recommended Hoses:
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Speed Flow
Xtraflex Favicon.png
Easy Flow
Xtraflex Favicon.png
Aero Flow
High End Silicone & Rubber Hoses

Food Grade | Suction & Delivery | Brewery Hoses

Our Silicone and NBR food grade, suction and delivery hoses are high quality hoses that come with a wide range of approvals. Suitable for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products where the chemical resistance of PTFE is not a specific requirement.

These hoses are odourless and taste free. They also have excellent resistance to weathering, ozone and abrasion.

Recommended Hoses:
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Sil Flow
Xtraflex Favicon.png
Lacto Flow
Xtraflex Favicon.png
Beer Flow