Convo Flow
The traditional convoluted PTFE Hose

A high profile, deep convoluted, medium wall PTFE hose available with or without an external stainless steel vacuum spiral and a variety of braid options.

Excellent vacuum and pressure ratings, even at elevated temperatures.

Convo-Flow's traditional design offers you the ultimate flexibility whilst maintaining high levels of drain ability.

It is our core product and comes with various braid options. Convo-Flow is one of the strongest and most reliable PTFE hoses on the market and thanks to its simple design, often cheaper than many rivals.

This is a very diverse product suitable for use within almost all markets including: the Pharmaceutical, chemical and even automotive markets. It excels as a suction and delivery hose and is ideal for fluid transfer. In addition, Convo-Flow's PTFE liner can be flared through various types of end fittings providing the ultimate protection against aggressive media and creating a bug free design. With a self draining, non stick core, this hose is easy to clean and generally has a long service life. A vacuum wire can also be added to allow full vacuum resistance.

Vacuum Resistance

Convo-Flow, with an added vacuum wire, provides the same performance and benefits as outlined above but with full vacuum resistance. The vacuum spiral enables this hose to withstand vacuum ratings up to 947mbar in sizes ranging from  1/2" to 4".​ The spiral helix provides the added benefit of preventing the hose from being kinked.

Choose this variant when faced with suction, high levels of vacuum or applications involving steam.

The added reinforcement prevents liner collapse enabling the hose to have a much longer service life.

Braid Options

  • Stainless Braid - This hose is available with a 304L stainless braid as standard which is suitable for several applications. It also offers the highest temperatures (-70°C to +260°C) and working pressures alongside strong external protection.

  • Polypropylene Braid - A polypropylene braid is available as an alternative. This is ideal for hoses which are frequently handled thanks to its lightweight design. Polypropylene is more limited to lower temperature and working pressure environments. However, it has good chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals.

  • PVDF Braid - Offering excellent compatibility with the majority of chemicals PVDF is the option to choose when the hose is subject to the harshest of environments. As with polypropylene it is only suitable in lower temperature and working pressure environments.

  • EPDM/SI Cover - This variant adds either a vulcanised EPDM rubber or silicone cover over the top of the 304 stainless braid creating abrasion resistance and an easy to clean cover. Excellent for hygienic applications.

Available Fittings

Convo-Flow PTFE hose is compatible with a wide range of fittings available in mild or 316 stainless steel. The hose can be combined with hydraulic fittings such as BSP's NPT's JIC's etc. but is primarily used with flanges (ANSI/PN) and hygienic fittings such as Triclamps, SMS or RJT couplings. This is due to the unique design of the hose which allows the PTFE liner to be 'flared' through the fitting. PTFE lined fittings are generally manufactured from 304 SS as the PTFE liner offers superior protections versus aggressive chemicals.


Our Core-Flow hose is an excellent alternative when hose cleanability is an area of particular concern. The shallow convolutions prevent sediment build up whilst offering similar performance characteristics to Convo-Flow. 

Easy-Flow is the standard convoluted hose suitable for fittings with hydraulic tails. This can be self assembled with our ferrule range making it ideal for general purpose environments.