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PTFE Lined Fittings Explained

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We get a lot of customers asking us why they should Line specific fittings for their #PTFE hose. In this post we'll highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of this hose construction method. #manufacturing #PTFEHose #Xtraflex

A PTFE Lined Tri clamp

So to start, what is a PTFE Lined fitting? Briefly summed up this is where a specific type of fitting has the PTFE hose liner pulled through the fitting and "flared" onto the fittings face.

So what type of fittings can be lined? The most common are Flange stubs and Tri-clamps however we can also line the majority of Hygienic fittings such as: DIN 11851's, SMS fittings and RJT couplings. Cam-Locks and Flat faced BSPP Fittings can also be PTFE lined.

But why bother doing it in the first place? Well, there are several advantages when it comes to adding a PTFE liner to a fitting. First off, the fitting itself will not come into contact with the media being transferred by the hose. This will provide you with a longer service life if aggressive chemicals are being used. It's also easier to clean and you'll find that there won't be any left over product stuck inside the fitting area of the hose.

When it comes to flange stub ends such as those used for ASA 150 flanges or PN 16's it's also a cheaper option. We use less stainless steel and the grade only needs to be 304L as it won't be coming into contact with any chemicals.

An Xtraflex Coreflow PTFE hose assembly.

It's worth noting that there can be disadvantages from Lining the above fittings also. Generally the working pressure capabilities of the hose will become lower. In higher pressure applications above 30 bar, it is possible for the Liner to collapse in on itself leading to complete hose failure. The majority of the suitable fittings won't see those pressures in typical applications but it is certainly a factor that must be considered. Not only this, but when it comes to Tri-clamps and Cam-lock fittings these tend to be more expensive to PTFE line, having said that the service life you will gain could well outweigh the price of a new hose to replace your corroded non lined option.

So which of our hoses can have their fittings PTFE lined? This option is available on our Convo-Flow, Core-Flow and Smooth-Flow hoses. Full details of each hose can be found on the products page of our website.

And there we have it, we hope this brief post has helped clear up the main uses of PTFE Lined fittings. If you have any further questions or comments please leave a reply below or contact our sales team today. We're always happy to help.

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