Easy-Flow PTFE Hose Assembly

Easy Flow
The Easy crimp, highly flexible PTFE Hose

Easy Flow is the standard easy crimp convoluted PTFE hose, with 304 stainless steel braid.

Ideal for hydraulic fittings, it's generally available from stock and suitable for self assembly.

Range: DN06 (1/4") - DN50 (2")

Hose Data:

Easy Flow is a high performance product offering extreme flexibility, zero friction, high pressures and a wide temperature range. Most sizes are available from stock and high quantities can often be dispatched for next day delivery if ordering as a bulk item.

We also offer complete assemblies of our Easy Flow hose which is compatible with a wide array of fittings, the most common being: BSPP's and Metric threads.

You'll find our convoluted PTFE hose primarily in use throughout the automotive, hydraulic and pharmaceutical industries where its superior chemical compatibility and flexibility ratings exceed that of more traditional rubber/thermoplastic hoses and thanks to its low profile liner, Easy Flow is self draining and offers an easy clean solution without having to sacrifice flexibility, unlike more traditional smoothbore hoses.

Braid Options

  • Stainless Braid - This hose is available with a 304L stainless braid as standard which is suitable for several applications. It also offers the highest temperatures (-70°C to +260°C) and working pressures alongside strong external protection.​

  • Silicone Cover - This variant adds a white, vulcanised silicone cover over the top of the 304 stainless braid creating abrasion resistance and an easy to clean cover. Excellent for hygienic applications.

Bulk Hose

Bulk hose is supplied in coils of random lengths. Specific lengths are available upon request but lead times may increase. Hose lengths can be supplied on drums if required. The full bore hose design allows for easy self assembly. Designed for use with standard hydraulic hose tails, together with the Xtraflex 'FE' Ferrule range.

Available Fittings

Easy-Flow PTFE hose is compatible with a wide range of fittings available in mild or 316 stainless steel. The hose is ideally suited for hydraulic fittings such as BSP's NPT's JIC's etc. Hygienic fittings such as Triclamps, SMS, RJT's are also a popular option for this hose.


Our Convo-Flow hose is a good alternative when the fittings need to be PTFE lined. Convo-Flow can also be fitted with a reinforcing vacuum spiral offering full vacuum resistance. The more traditional design can also go up to 6" in diameter and still remains flexible. 

Our Core-Flow hose is an excellent alternative when hose cleanability is an area of particular concern. The shallow convolutions prevent sediment build up whilst offering similar performance characteristics to Easy-Flow.  Core Flow also comes with a vacuum spiral as standard and the fittings can be PTFE lined.